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Adjusting to $1/2 Live No-Limit Cash Games

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With the World Series of Poker (WSOP) currently in full swing, poker on the rest of the earth has come to a virtual standstill. The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is thriving with WSOP events, deep stack tournaments, and regular cash games of every nuance and limit.

But it isn’t just the Rio that is taking advantage of the influx of poker players, the rest of the Las Vegas Strip and the old-school section of Downtown are also cashing in.

The WSOP does not just attract WSOP players either. There are a plethora of players, young and old, who arrive in Sin City hoping to be immersed in the atmosphere, and meet a celebrity poker face or two.

For these people the $1/2 cash game arena becomes home, while resident in the Neon desert. So, here are a few tips to help you with your transition.

In the $1/2 cash games, everybody likes to see flops. This means that you will get many limpers.

If you are an internet player, then your normal reaction in this spot would be to come into the pot with a raise, but the dynamic on a full ring live cash game table is somewhat different – everyone will call!
Here are three spots of advice:

Fold: Do not follow the Joneses. You will win money by showing up with the dominant hand. Be patient, wait for spots, and fold.

Over-limp: In spots where you would normally raise to isolate (i.e. medium strength hands in position) consider over-limping and hitting flops hard, before piling on the pressure.

Raise Big: When you pick up your premiums, raise big to try to isolate your field to one or two opponents.



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Last Updated 22 June 2014
Adjusting to One Dollar Live No Limit Cash Games