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Sometimes it just makes sense to win the pot immediately. This is especially true if the pot is fairly substantial in size, such as a three-bet pot. 

Simple poker is often the best form of poker after all. Winning the pot immediately is a great strategy if there are multiple players involved. 

It doesn’t matter what pre flop starting hand you possess, the more players there are in the pot the less likely you are to win. 

Before you raise, in a multi-way pot, it is essential that you ensure you have a strong hand. 

Although there is a school of thought that raising signifies extreme strength, your odds of getting the raise through dwindle as more opponents participate in the hand.

So, always make sure you have the nuts, or as close to it as you can. Bluffing just doesn’t cut the mustard in a multi-way pot; it’s just foolhardy.

It is true that by raising you will be driving some weaker hands out of the pot, but this is more than compensated by the fact you are likely to get heads-up with one inferior hand, or just win the pot with immediate effect.

Both scenarios are much better than creeping street-by-street with multiple people all vying for cards to improve their hands. It’s akin to walking through a minefield with Michael Jordan’s training shoes on.

So, next time you find yourself on the flop, after a pre flop raising war, with a strong hand and multiple players involved in the pot, just take it down as soon as you can. No thrills. Just raise and get it in versus one opponent.


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Last Updated 22 January 2014
Reducing the Field in Poker